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On behalf of the World Bank, REMONDIS SAVA is supporting the Ministry of Nature and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus to recover 1,000 tonnes of pesticides

World Bank project to recover hazardous substances.
Recovering pesticides in Belarus

On behalf of the World Bank and the Ministry of Nature and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, REMONDIS SAVA has been taking part in a project to recover 2,000 tonnes of pesticides in Slonim since September 2011. The substances are being recovered from four large cement cellars which had been used as a storage area for hazardous waste. The project has proven to be a masterly logistical performance not least because of the harsh weather conditions in winter.

Total commitment despite snow and ice

It has not been easy for the REMONDIS SAVA project manager to organise the recovery of the pesticides in the Belarus city of Slonim – especially during the winter months when the team had to face outdoor temperatures of up to -35°C and snow up to 1.5 metres deep. Improvisational skills are required when drums, containers and pallets freeze together and truck engines refuse to start.

Checks carried out with an X-ray spectrometer

The packing and the sorting of the waste is being carried out by Belarus soldiers under the management of the REMONDIS SAVA project manager present on site. He has access to state-of-the-art technology using a hand-held X-ray spectrometer. The pesticides are then transported away from the site by truck. Each week, two vehicles travel from Belarus to REMONDIS SAVA's plant in Brunsbüttel via Lithuania and Poland.

All waste is screened on site with the hand-held X-ray spectrometer in order to assess the risks and ensure the materials have been sorted correctly. The spectrometers produce very accurate results within just two seconds – even when the samples have a complex matrix.



Period of time

September 2011 – October 2012

Volume & type of waste

2.000 t pesticides

Companies involved

transport company

Besonderheiten des Projektes

  • extreme weather conditions (up to -35°C)
  • all packaging material needed to ensure the hazardous waste is packed safely was procured by REMONDIS SAVA and taken to Belarus
  • all notification forms were submitted by REMONDIS SAVA; it then accompanied the whole process until approval was granted

The World Bank

The main focus of the World Bank is to promote the economies of the less developed member states by providing financial aid, advice and technical support as well as to contribute towards achieving international development targets.