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Deep gorges and high mountains: REMONDIS SAVA's work in Nepal very much focused on protecting the environment

International GIZ project.
Recovering pesticides in Nepal

At the end of 2011, REMONDIS and two other German companies recovered 70 tonnes of pesticides and 5 tonnes of methyl bromide gas in Nepal. REMONDIS SAVA – a fully owned subsidiary of REMONDIS Industrie Service – was the lead company for this project. Some of the hazardous waste was processed directly on site and some was first transported by railroad through India and then from Calcutta to Germany by ship. This project was part of a global tender process put out by the company, Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Direct on-site treatment of the fumigants

The poisonous, ozone-depleting methyl bromide gas, which had originally been intended for use as a pesticide and for fumigating grain stores, had been stored in 40 rusty steel cylinders. A special waste treatment facility was transported to Kathmandu in order to chemically destroy this gas in situ and transform it into harmless substances.

All notification forms needed for the project in Nepal were submitted by REMONDIS SAVA which also accompanied the whole process until approval was granted

Incineration of the pesticides in Germany

Both experts and equipment from the north of Germany were flown out to this Himalayan country to ensure that the bioactive substances were packed safely so they could be sent by ship and truck to REMONDIS SAVA in Brunsbüttel – to one of the most modern hazardous waste incineration plants in Europe.



Period of time

October – November 2011, the first container arrived in Hamburg in February 2012

Volume & type of waste

70 t pesticides, 5 t methyl bromide gas

Beteiligte Gesellschaften


Special features of the project

  • some of the substances were processed on site in Nepal
  • all waste that was to be transported away from the site was packed into special, UN-approved containers to ensure it could be transported safely to Brunsbüttel
  • all notification forms were submitted by REMONDIS SAVA; it then accompanied the whole process until approval was granted

REMONDIS is one of the few companies in the world to be able to carry out such waste management tasks


GIZ is a German state-owned organisation promoting international cooperation and development work. It is active in a number of areas including environmental protection, resource conservation and efforts to prevent climate change.